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Collaboration. Innovation. Integrity.

The Sports Technology Alliance is collective of market leading technology companies driven to design, deliver, and support innovative solutions that enable the growth of sport.


Members of the alliance are market leaders in their respective fields. All share a passion for sport and the philosophy that an integrated approach to the use of technology can support sports organisations in becoming more secure, engaging, and sustainable.

In forming the Sports Technology Alliance, we recognised that no single technology solution can deliver against a sports organisation's every need. That’s why we are committed to using our combined expertise to support sports organisations in establishing a highly functional digital ecosystem. In doing so, our aim is to help sports organisations capitalise on significant operational and commercial opportunities made possible using integrated technologies. 

Under the Sports Technology Alliance banner, our aim is to build on this collaboration and make integrated solutions more accessible for sports organisations. If you would like to find out more about the alliance and its work, please get in touch by clicking here.

Members of the Sports Technology Alliance
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Sport:80 design, deliver and support innovative technologies that enable the growth of sport. From CRM, memberships and event registration, to finance management, compliance and automated email communications, their product-suite offers functionality for all back office tasks.

etrainu has over 15 years experience in delivering market-leading Learning Management Systems (LMS). Designed for your sporting ecosystem, etrainu gives you the power to transform the way you train your Admins, Coaches and Volunteers. With etrainu's LMS, your team can house all of your learning needs.

iSponsor’s community fundraising app is revolutionising fundraising. Sports organisations and clubs can sign up to the iSponsor app and encourage their network of members to do so as well. Whenever a user spends through iSponsor, a percentage of each transaction goes back to the beneficiary.

Rosterfy’s global workforce management solution enables you to improve your volunteer recruitment, retention, engagement and recognition. Its comprehensive and highly configurable platform is the full package. It will help you run successful volunteering programs and give you the scope to grow your operation.

Joymo is a direct-to-consumer OTT media platform for the safe and secure distribution of sporting content by governing bodies, clubs, teams, and athletes in sport. The platform includes the ability to record, store and distribute visual content (streams and video on demand).

New Start Mobile develop premium mobile applications and end-to-end tools. Their enterprise software platforms increase the value of your memberships, improve team communication and get the most out of your existing technology.

refbook is an innovative sportstech company  which has revolutionised online officials’ management systems. They solve the complicated and specialist task of sport officials administration. It has been developed by officials for officials, assignors and federations. 

Cherry Hub are specialists in customer engagement and acquisition. The company’s extensive product suite, including gamification tools and digital membership solutions, allow your organisation to save time and costs, and increase revenue by connecting your customers and staff with the latest applications.

Globocol provides a cloud-based integrity software solution for sport. It provides a means of reporting and investigating concerns through to case resolution. It also enables you to identify problem locations, types of abuse and individuals of concern. View Globocol's integrity software solutions for sport >>

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