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Wheelchair Athlete


Application Purpose

Software to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the Athlete Classification process.

All Paralympic sports have procedures in place to classify athletes and ensure they are placed in the most appropriate group for competition. This is a significant administrative process.


To help manage this process, Globocol has designed a software application to manage Athlete Classification for national governing bodies in Paralympic sports. 

Athletes submit medical evidence and Classifiers will administer a range of tests that measure the athlete’s impairment against the sport’s classification rules. The software enables safe storage, and access to, documents and correspondence. There is also a facility to manage an appeal against the classification that is allocated.


A digital system of record to manage all aspects of the athlete classification process.

Globocol’s Athlete Classification Software ensures efficient and effective governance and practices in the athlete classification process. It enables the governing body to work with athletes to submit a case and safely store medical records, showing accountability of actions and enabling the creation of Board reports.

As the classification process for all sports shares common features, there are a number of generic steps in the workflow. However, given that each sport has individual needs there is a customised area for specific impairments and classes.

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We are committed to high standards of security, privacy and transparency. Globocol systems are fully GDPR compliant. We have also reviewed our suppliers for compliance with GDPR.

The application uses dual factor authentication at login and tracks relevant staff safeguarding credentials. For UK clients, data is hosted at our nominated UK Data Centre with a UK helpdesk. For non-UK clients, if UK hosting and help desk services don’t meet specific national, legal or organisational requirements, Globocol will arrange a bespoke service to cater for that.

System data has multiple levels of back-up. You can also apply “soft-delete” functionality to recover unwanted deletions.

Placing all your reports and case documents in a single secure environment considerably reduces the risks to data privacy inherent with the use of multiple systems and devices, both online and offline.

Globocol is ISO 27001:2022 certified. This is the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Security specialists CRK Consulting Limited act as independent advisors on best practice to ensure our ongoing compliance with data protection legislation and to keep us alert about possible information security threats.

Globocol Information Security Centre >>

A single platform for all correspondence, document management and appeals process.

Globocol’s software solutions are intuitive to use. You are offered free interactive online user training at the start of your subscription and if you have questions thereafter, we run a help desk during office hours.

Managing your athlete classification process on a single platform in the cloud will save time and money. Reporting and Action Management tools improve efficiencies and keep you on track. You will have ready access to communications, documents and chronology as well as the facility to auto-create reports for department or board meetings.

Eligibility classification criteria are designed on a bespoke basis for each individual sport. This is something we will develop with you before your subscription commences.

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