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We are committed to high standards of security, privacy and transparency. Globocol applications are fully GDPR compliant. We have also reviewed our suppliers for compliance with GDPR.

Our solutions offer users dual factor authentication at login and track relevant staff credentials. For UK clients, data is hosted at our nominated UK Data Centre with a UK helpdesk. For non-UK clients, if UK hosting and help desk services don’t meet specific national, legal or organisational requirements, Globocol will arrange a bespoke local service to cater for that.

System data has multiple levels of back-up. You can also apply “soft-delete” functionality to recover unwanted deletions.


Placing all your reports and case documents in a single secure environment considerably reduces the risks to data privacy inherent with the use of multiple systems and devices, both online and offline.

Globocol is ISO 27001:2022 certified. This is the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Security specialists CRK Consulting Limited act as independent advisors on best practice to ensure our ongoing compliance with data protection legislation and to keep us alert about possible information security threats.

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Choose only the modules you need.

All Globocol solutions are modular. As application developers, modularity allows us to work out solutions to common problems within a specific context. This means an efficiency in development which enables us to consistently improve our solutions.

Modularity enables you to choose the single solution most relevant for you. If you chose more than one module we will provide you with a single login page for quick access to a specific module.

The main advantages of a modular approach:

  • Cost - you implement only what you need. There won’t be a situation where 90% of the functionality isn’t used by those who have access to your application. Each module has a specific role in your organisation.

  • Flexibility – you chose only what you need and you can add new modules at any time.

  • Commonality – if you are familiar with one module and you then use another one, you will find yourself in a familiar environment. Each module has a very similar architecture and user interface.

  • Enhancements – it is faster and easier for our software developers to design, test and implement new features for your application.

Easy Setup

No technical knowledge required.

Successful implementation of new software applications is about us adapting to your needs, not the other way round. At Globocol we recognise that you need to integrate our solutions with other systems and procedures, that you may have bespoke requirements and that you will require ongoing IT support. All this is a seamless part of the service we offer you.

We have many years of experience providing bespoke applications for large and small businesses in both the public and private sector. Our sector solutions are designed to mirror your day-to-day work processes. Our approach is not to try to change the way you work, but to improve the efficiency with which you manage your daily tasks.

We run workshops and conduct usability testing for all our solutions. We aim to provide you with software solutions which are intuitive to use. You should be up and running with our applications within a matter of hours of launching them. If you do have any questions after you start using our software, it’s not a problem, just contact our help desk.

Once you are up and running with your chosen application, that doesn’t signal an end to what we offer. We continue to update our software with improvements and new features. The great benefit of operating in the cloud is that you won’t have to wait for these updates. They will come to you as soon as they’re ready. 


Enables your team to work remotely.

Cloud computing, or Software as a Service (SaaS), offers organisations significant flexibility, enabling you to work faster and adopt new capabilities more easily.


Reducing costs is a primary reason why companies turn to the cloud. However, managers in all sectors are beginning to see how working in the cloud can help them achieve much broader, and strategic benefits:

  • Flexibility - The ability to quickly respond to changing IT demands and individual needs. Need more or less bandwidth? Just ask. Want to work from home? Easy.

  • Low Cap-Ex - Cloud computing is generally a pay-as-you-go service with minimal up front capital expenditure.

  • Improved Collaboration - Everyone is on the same platform. Employees can work on documents and shared applications simultaneously, irrespective of location, device or time zone.

  • Security - When everything is saved in the cloud you don't have to worry about losing any documents or data. Everything is safely stored in the cloud.

  • Updates and Support - You are always working on the latest version of your software; updates (including security updates) are ongoing. You focus on your work and leave the rest to us.

  • Document Management - The cloud has transformed the way people work with all the files in one location, and everyone working off a single copy with version control.


All Globocol solutions are available as a subscription service. For further information Contact Globocol

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