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Children and adults involved in sport should always be protected from harm. There is a statutory duty to be alert to any potential risks and have adequate systems in place if things go wrong. This places an obligation on those in charge.

The Globocol safeguarding application for sport provides a means of reporting incidents and risks to your organisation. It also enables sports to highlight problem locations, types of abuse and individuals of concern. It enables you to record and carry out a full investigation of breaches in safeguarding standards.

This a bespoke solution for sport, with input provided at the design stage by safeguarding professionals at many diverse UK NGB's.

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The Equalities Act 2010 protects people against discrimination, harassment and victimisation. 

To help professionals, volunteers and participants in all sports, Globocol has designed a bespoke software application to manage breaches of the Equalities Act and to ensure a fair playing field for all.​

Individuals can be subject to discrimination directly or indirectly. The Globocol Equality Software Application for Sport provides a means of reporting all incidents, and mitigating harm. It also enables organisations to identify types of discrimination, problem locations and individuals of concern.

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It is a legal requirement for all organisations to have effective disciplinary and grievance procedures in place. National governing bodies in sport have codes of conduct that apply to all stakeholders, not just employees. If there is a breach in standards, and correct protocols are not followed, it can be a costly mistake.

Globocol has designed a sports disciplinary reporting system for those who have a responsibility in this area. It ensures that all disciplinary and grievance problems are dealt with in an appropriate manner and ensures you can demonstrate a transparently fair procedure. It is a completely flexible and adaptable system to match your internal processes.

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Create a safe physical environment in your sport.

The need to comply with safety regulations and procedures can be a time consuming and costly business. This is exacerbated in sport where there are large numbers of geographically dispersed venues, with buildings and equipment which need constant maintenance.


Globocol’s Health & Safety application for sport is an incident reporting system designed to confront these challenges and reduce operational risk.  The application provides a full audit trail of incidents or breaches in standards. It facilitates a full investigation, including the creation of remedial and/or preventative actions with assignees and deadlines.


"Near misses" can be reported and managed in the same way as actual incidents. Easy to use forms with drop down choices and picklists tailored to your needs mean little user training is required.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents an obligation on the controllers and processors of personal data to put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to implement the data protection principles. The penalties for failures in compliance are significant.

​Globocol’s Data Governance application for sport enables you to efficiently manage member data for GDPR compliance. The system provides a full audit trail of incidents or breaches in standards. It also allows for the reporting of weaknesses in your data management system, to enable preventative actions to be taken. Easy to use forms with drop down choices and picklists tailored to your needs mean little user training is required.

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To help administrators in all sports, Globocol has designed a bespoke software application to facilitate a transparent and efficient means of handling complaints from members or registered organisations.

Your time matters when responding to feedback and complaints. Globocol’s Complaints Application for Sport is an easy-to-use solution to record complaints, log calls, assign tasks, track progress, send messages, attach files, create charts and report results.


It is a web-based solution, so you can access all your records, documents, emails, and phone calls in real time from anywhere, anytime. You also have a Complaint Diary with automatic notifications when a complaint is reaching its scheduled closure date.

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All Paralympic Sports have procedures in place to classify athletes, to ensure they are placed in the most appropriate group for competition. Globocol has designed a software application to manage the athlete classification process for national governing bodies in Paralympic sports.

Globocol’s Paralympic athlete classification software ensures efficient and effective governance and practices in the athlete classification process. It enables the governing body to work with athletes to submit a case and safely store medical records, showing accountability of actions and enabling the creation of Board reports.

As the classification procedures for all sports shares common features, there are a number of generic steps in the workflow. However, given that each sport has individual needs there is a customised area for specific impairments and classes.

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