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Delivering best practice
to all areas of your Club

Globocol's safeguarding software for professional football clubs supports the delivery of best practice to all areas of a club's business through a single login. It is designed to encourage a culture of early intervention and make it easy to record low-level concerns, from whatever source. 


This is a bespoke solution designed for professional football clubs.  It enables you to safeguard the interests of your players, staff and wider community. It facilitates a holistic approach to supporting your academy, foundation, match day, past players and external events.

The Academy module is designed as a hub for all interactions and incidents in Girls and Boys academies, Features include:

  • Personal data: squad/loan, EDI data, school data, emergency contacts, additional linked data (e.g. host parents);

  • Contacts and links to external agencies;

  • Incident logging by category with ability to assign to, and create alerts for, other system users;

  • Logging aftercare work for release players – can link with Alumni area;

  • Case notes to log ongoing case work and to fill in the bigger picture;

  • Document storage and data download facility;

  • Ability to create reports and monitor KPI's in real time;

  • Dashboard with graphics.

The goal is to enable a holistic approach to safeguarding and player welfare, even after a player has left an academy.

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The Foundation module is the area to capture the detail of all your charitable activity areas, for example:

  • Community

  • Education

  • International

  • Football development

You can create new programmes and log incidents, complaints and observations against sessions. You will be able to:


  • Track work through case notes which can be easily categorised;

  • Identify risk levels (RAG rating);

  • Record recommendations for referrals on specific programs that hold higher risk;

  • Upload risk assessments and external policy documents to records;

  • Extract data and information for meetings and reports;

Dashboard with graphics to readily identify categories of concerns


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Log all your Match Day reports for games across the season:

  • Fixture details – teams, location, date, competition, staff in attendance, ball squad etc;

  • Staff briefing

  • Match day report –  incident reports, categories of concern, case status;

  • Dashboard with reports by incident category

  • Action management with email alerts.


You can attach documents and digital content (photos, videos) to an incident report. Data can be exported to Excel for offline custom analysis and reports can be generated for meetings. The system provides a full audit trail and is a reference source for best practice and lessons learned.

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Match Day

Log match day reports for all games during the season.

Other Modules

Integrate modules for Academy After Care, Past Player Support and Staff Safeguarding.

Globocol's safeguarding software for professional football is a holistic and modular solution. All modules are integrated and you chose which modules you wish to activate. 

Apart from Academy, Foundation and Match Day, other modules include forms for Past Players and Event Management. If you have bespoke needs, these can also be accommodated within the same overall offering.

The Professional Football application can also be integrated with Globocol's suite of Sports Integrity Software offerings, including our Safeguarding Sport Case Management solution.

Security Model

Ensures all your data, files and communications are secure

NQA ISO 27001 Logo - UKAS.jpg

We are committed to high standards of security, privacy and transparency. Globocol systems are fully GDPR compliant. We have also reviewed our suppliers for compliance with GDPR.

The application uses dual-factor authentication at login and tracks relevant staff safeguarding credentials. For UK clients, data is hosted at our nominated UK Data Centre with a UK helpdesk. For non-UK clients, if UK hosting and help desk services don’t meet specific national, legal or organisational requirements, Globocol will arrange a bespoke service to cater for that.

System data has multiple levels of back-up. You can also apply “soft-delete” functionality to recover unwanted deletions.


Placing all your reports and case documents in a single secure environment considerably reduces the risks to data privacy inherent with the use of multiple systems and devices, both online and offline.

Globocol is ISO 27001:2022 certified. This is the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Security specialists CRK Consulting Limited act as independent advisors on best practice to ensure our ongoing compliance with data protection legislation and to keep us alert about possible information security threats.

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A central hub to manage the safety and well-being of players, staff and your wider community.

We see our main task as helping you to do your job in a more effective and rewarding manner. We're always listening and our ongoing aim is to seek ways to better serve your needs. From day one you will have a solution which is:


  • A single software solution which integrates all parts of your business;

  • Tailored specifically for the needs of professional football clubs;

  • Provides secure data access - multiple levels of system user access as defined by the club;

  • Enabled for easy reporting of low-level concerns and facilitates the delivery of safeguarding best practice;

  • Easy to create reports, import and export data, and create an audit trail;

  • Streamlines operations and improves efficiency.

Globocol never stands still. Ongoing updates and enhancements to our solutions is part of our DNA. We are working with over 40 diverse sports and everything we learn from them feeds into all our solutions.

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