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Data governance in sport



Software to help keep your data safe and comply with GDPR.

All sports clubs and governing bodies maintain membership lists. Such lists will include athletes, referees, officials, coaches, welfare offers and more. The level of detail contained in these lists depends on the needs of administrators and individual members or employees but may often include very sensitive data such as medical records.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents an obligation on the controllers and processors of personal data to put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to implement the data protection principles. The penalties for failures in compliance are significant.

Globocol has designed a software application to help sports organisations more efficiently manage the processes required for GDPR compliance.


A single platform to manage data breaches and subject access requests.

Globocol’s Data Governance Application for Sport enables you to efficiently manage member data for GDPR compliance. You can create reports on actual breaches or potential system weaknesses. This includes the ability to manage Subject Access and Data Erasure requests. For example, if you want to prescribe how long records are held, the system can calculate a data deletion date. You can also carry out a full investigation of breaches in data standards within the application.

At each step of the way there are automated workflows with programmed email notifications to prompt future actions and deadlines. This also generates data for a management dashboard for “at-a-glance” metrics. The application provides a full audit trail and is a reference source for best practice and lessons learned.

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We are committed to high standards of security, privacy and transparency. Globocol systems are fully GDPR compliant. We have also reviewed our suppliers for compliance with GDPR.

The application uses dual-factor authentication at login and tracks relevant staff credentials. For UK clients, data is hosted at our nominated UK Data Centre with a UK helpdesk. For non-UK clients, if UK hosting and help desk services don’t meet specific national, legal or organisational requirements, Globocol will arrange a bespoke service to cater for that.

Application data has multiple levels of back-up. You can also apply “soft-delete” functionality to recover unwanted deletions.


Placing all your reports and case documents in a single secure environment considerably reduces the risks to data privacy inherent with the use of multiple systems and devices, both online and offline.

Globocol is ISO 27001:2022 certified. This is the world's best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Security specialists CRK Consulting Limited act as independent advisors on best practice to ensure our ongoing compliance with data protection legislation and to keep us alert about possible information security threats.

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Create an audit trail and produce management reports.

The application provides a full audit trail of incidents or breaches in standards. It also allows for the reporting of weaknesses in your data management system, to enable preventative actions to be taken. Easy to use forms with drop down choices and picklists tailored to your needs mean little user training is required.

You are able to generate reports on types of incident for management meetings. Globocol’s Data Governance Application for Sport offers significant value to those responsible for making sure that all systems conform with GDPR.

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