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Monitoring Athlete Experiences and Supporting Safeguarding in Sport

Lasso Safe's 'Sports Wellness Platform'

Taking part in sport doesn't just offer great benefits to physical health. It offers much more than that. It can provide participants with a safe space, a sense of purpose and long lasting friendships. It's all positive ... until it isn't. The feedback we get from working in the field of safeguarding in sport is that when things go wrong, and cases get reviewed, there were always early warning signs that were not acted upon.

How can we pick up on these low level concerns before they escalate into something more serious. Over the last six months, we've been in a dialogue with the team at Florida based Lasso Safe who have developed a wellness platform which gives early insights based on direct athlete feedback.

Lasso Safe has recently announced the introduction of their Sports Wellness Platform in Europe, Canada and Australia. Sports Wellness Platform is a new recognition tool to monitor athlete experiences and support sports organizations in preemptive safeguarding and sports development. Sports organizations everywhere – from amateur and Olympic governing bodies to youth and professional clubs – can use the platform to prioritize the health and safety of their people, maximize company value and optimize the human and social capital performance of their business.

Lasso Safe is founded by athlete "survivors" and led by a global coalition of independent industry experts. Together, they formed Sports Wellness Platform to apply the science of mental, emotional, physical and social environments to benefit the health and wellness of sports organizations and their people.

"Lasso Safe is very timely and ahead of the curve on current issues" - Luke Bodensteiner, board member at Lasso Safe and chief of sport development at Utah Olympic Legacy,

Sports Wellness Platform is the expression of 14 years of research by Lasso Safe’s community. As of January 2024, there are more than 350 sport communities researched, across 32 countries and territories, and more than 450 professional contributors from Loughborough University, NSPCC/CPSU, Association of Chief Executives in Sports (ACEs) and more. This research merges with evolving insights to provide organizations with internal and international data for effective solutions.

Features and benefits of Sports Wellness Platform include:

  • Experience evaluation – athletes answer specific questions about their mental, emotional, physical and social experiences

  • Proprietary AI platform – machine learning links patterns among the athlete population

  • Intuitive dashboard – results showcase trends in positive or concerning behaviors

  • Strategic suggestions – drawn from 450+ proven solutions, strategic suggestions are provided in real-time

  • Resource partners – strategic suggestions are empowered by expert resources to partner with and support organizational growth

Sports Wellness Platform is currently operating in over fifty USA-based organizations and is available to sports organizations and governing bodies in Europe, Canada and Australia from January 2024. Subscriptions start at $35/month and organizations in need can apply for a sponsorship fund.

You can find out more by visiting the Lasso Safe Website

For further Information

Phone: 800-943-2344


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