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Globocol creates digital applications to help improve organisational efficiency. Our focus is on managing risk in sport, performing arts and non profit sectors:


  • Applications that can be adapted for the specific needs of your organisation, safeguarding those at risk of harm

  • Step by step processes to help you to investigate and respond to breaches in standards.

  • Solutions that are flexible and modular. You can adopt just one or any number of the modules we have created.


Where desirable or possible, we will help you to integrate your existing applications with our solutions.

"Protecting people from harm is not an overhead to be minimised, it is a fundamental and integral part of operating as a charity for the public benefit.”
Charity Commission
June 2020


Globocol's sport integrity applications are available as individual modules or as part of a software suite.
Safeguarding in Sport
Disciplinary in Sport
Health and Safety in Sport
Data Governance in Sport


It is important to identify risk before it becomes a serious problem. A system to record every concern, however minor, is essential to promote good practice:

  • Reduce risks for all (don't wait for harm to occur)

  • Trigger improvements in processes

  • Alert others to possible vulnerabilities and/or gaps in training


Globocol software applications provide you with a place to record the facts of an incident, track "near misses" and manage risk. Creating a record gives visibility to an issue and starts a process of investigation and review.


The investigation and review stages will generate a record of preventative and corrective actions. The goal is to ensure that you reduce the risk of harmful behaviour happening again.

Globocol software applications make it easy to record low-level concerns in your organisation. This enables a more proactive approach to protecting those at risk of harm.

Safeguard Your Sport

Multi-layered security model with SSL encryption.

Choose only the modules you need. Add other features at any time.

No technical knowledge required. Just login and away you go.

Enables your team to work remotely. Reports updated in real time.

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