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Protect the rights of individuals and advance equality of opportunity for all.

The Equality Act 2010 protects people against discrimination, harassment and victimisation. There are nine protected characteristics:

  • age

  • disability

  • gender reassignment

  • marriage and civil partnership

  • pregnancy and maternity

  • race

  • religion or belief

  • sex

  • sexual orientation

To help professionals, volunteers and participants in all sports, Globocol has designed a bespoke software application to manage breaches of the Equalities Act and to ensure a fair playing field for all.​


A single platform of record for reporting incidents and protecting individual rights.

Globocol's Equality Application for Sport has been created to

  • create a record of all concerns

  • manage more serious cases through to appeal

  • mitigate reputation risk for organisations

The software enables you to report incidents, potential concerns and risks to individuals and your organisation. You can record and carry out a full investigation of breaches of equality law and document referrals to external bodies.


At every stage in the process there are automated workflows, with programmed email notifications to prompt future actions and deadlines. There is a facility to manage investigations through to appeal and the closure of a case. 

You can attach documents and digital content (photos, video) to an incident report. Data can be exported to Excel for offline custom analysis and reports can be generated for meetings. The system provides a full audit trail and is a reference source for best practice and lessons learned.

The application also generates reports and data, with a management dashboard for “at-a-glance” metrics.


Ensures your data, documents and communications are secure.

We are committed to high standards of security, privacy and transparency. Globocol systems are fully GDPR compliant. We have also reviewed our suppliers for compliance with GDPR.

The application uses dual-factor authentication at login and tracks relevant staff credentials. For UK clients, data is hosted at our nominated UK Data Centre with a UK helpdesk. For non-UK clients, if UK hosting and help desk services don’t meet specific national, legal or organisational requirements, Globocol will arrange a bespoke service to cater for that.

System data has multiple levels of back-up. You can also apply “soft-delete” functionality to recover unwanted deletions. Placing all your reports and case documents in a single secure environment considerably reduces the risks to data privacy inherent with the use of multiple systems and devices, both online and offline.


A single platform to manage your obligations under the Equality Act 2010

Individuals can be subject to discrimination directly or indirectly. The Globocol Equality Application for Sport provides a means of reporting all incidents, and mitigating harm. It also enables organisations to identify types of discrimination, problem locations and individuals of concern.

Depending on your needs, the application can be a simple system of record or can be used for case management and to process disciplinary proceedings. It is a completely flexible and adaptable system to suit your internal processes.

It will make your management of the Equality process much more efficient by ease of access to chronology, communications and documents and the auto-creation of reports for department or board meetings. It can also help to identify factors in your organisation that could lead to a breach in equality legislation, enabling you to put plans in place to ensure that everyone involved in your sport, irrespective of their status, is protected.

This application is available as a subscription service, either as an individual module or as part of a suite of sport integrity software solutions. Email: