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Audit Process

Identify repeatable processes in your organisation.

In order to function effectively, your organisation will have numerous repeatable tasks and functions to perform. How these processes are managed determines how efficiently your operations are run.

The first thing Globocol will do is to identify those processes which are an integral part of your operations. Digitising workflow management can improve efficiency at every stage.

Map Out Workflows

Set out the steps involved to achieve repeatable organisational goals.

Once we have identified which workflow(s) you wish to consider automating, we can map out the process steps involved in detail. You may have already assessed your workflows and determined where you feel there is room for improvement. Alternatively, you may want our help with that.

Common themes exposed during an audit process are duplicated effort, duplicated files, lack of transparency, poor compliance and lax document security.

Develop Solution

Develop a working digital model of your organisational workflow.

The next step is to develop your software solution. Globocol may already have something out of the box that will work for you. Alternatively, you may need a solution which is more customised. Either way, the starting point is to define your process goals.

Our aim is to provide you with a cloud-based system architecture which makes your life easier. This means not just in terms of managing day-to-day processes but also to generate reports and enable performance analysis.

Software Integration

Integrate your workflow solution with existing business software.

Where possible, or desirable, we will help you to integrate your solution with your existing software. We will also help train your team to ensure you achieve the efficiency gains you expect from automating your workflow management.

Globocol solutions offer easy to use features which include forms, dropdown options, reporting, analytics, email and text alerts, document storage, user security and more. Find out more about Globocol’s digital workflow management solutions.

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